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Welcome to VVarMachine (pronounced "warmachine") or as we just say VVAR!  We are a growing community of video game players spanning all sorts of games, from RPG style games to first person shooters and many others.  We are currently active in PlanetSide 2, League of Legends, Star Citizen, and many more.  We have a diverse group of players and are all here looking to have fun!

We are actively recruiting and growing, so we are looking for active members!  We are definitely looking for some PlanetSide 2, League of Legends, and Star Citizen players!  If you are looking for us in PlanetSide 2, we are located on the US West server, Connery as NC!

For additional information on the fleet we are forming in Star Citizen, click here.

Take a look around and if you have some questions and want to talk to someone, join us on TeamSpeak at ts.vvarmachine.com.

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