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Hi, I'm MajorRush


Hello VVar Community,

My Name is MajorRush and I would like to join your Fleet. I see a lot of potenital in the World of Star Citizen and at the moment Im looking for a good Corporation to join. As far as I have read your Corporationis active since the Proxicon Wars back in 00.2013 and there for shows me a lot of consistency. My Mother language is not English, maybe I should mension that, to excuse my slopy English writing.
What do I have to offer to the Corporation? First and formost, Im a hell of a Pilot :) I used to be a Wing Commander Ssgt. and when I heard about the Call of Duty to Star Citizen, I was instantly hooked. I would mainly Focus on Cargo Transport and Escort.
My Ship Arsenal Consists Fighter and Multicrew Ship.

I would love to but my flying skills in your Corporations Duty, lets explore the Stars together.

Major Rush
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hey there Major, nice to meet you.

For now, I'll grant you permissions to browse around this website. Be aware that we don't use it for too much anymore, as most discussions occur on Discord or Spectrum.

I see that you already joined our discord server, so we can continue chatting over there.

If you don't already have a link to our RSI page, here it is:

Please let me or another Officer know if you have any questions.

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