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  1. Character Name: Eric also known as FOIL18
  2. Are you currently in a squad?: Yes
  3. If yes to #3, which squad?: Am not sure am with shadowsage and arta
  4. Primary role?: Support
  5. Primary ship?: [insert here]i
  6. Do you have a working mic?: Yes
  7. Why do you think you would be a good addition to the VVAR squad?: Im very competitive and try to do better always.
  8. How did you hear about VVAR?: [insert here]
  9. Play any other games?: league of legends, halo4
  10. Please give two to three dates and times were you know you will be on (for today + 7 days) for an Officer to contact you: you can contact me at any day am in Arizona so time would be mountain time.
  11. I have read and agree to the terms listed in VVAR Code of Conduct (found at: Yes I agree
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You have already purchased a package? Which one?

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I think he may of put this in the wrong area not too sure

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