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Smuggs Application for SC


If you have already applied for our ORG on the RSI website, this step is not needed for you!
  1. Character Name: [Andronickus]
  2. Are you currently affiliated with any organizations?: [Yes]
  3. If yes to #3, which ones?: [A3 Leader is Discolando]
  4. Would you like to be assigned to a division (Military or Economy)?: [Yes]
  5. If yes to #4, would you like to be assigned to a Permanent Unit?: [Military]
  6. Do you have a working mic?: [Yes]
  7. Why do you think you would be a good addition to the VVAR fleet?: [ I am new at playing multiplayer at such a high level of organiztion such as your org. I think it would be fun to team up and accomplish objectives as a team. I would be a good addition to the team because I am a team player, I may not be that good but I will step if front of you to take the shot.]
  8. How did you hear about VVAR?: [Aarius]
  9. Play any other games?: [Use to play SWTOR lost interest in it, wing commander back in the day, never played Freelancer but thinking I will soon]
  10. I have read and agree to the terms listed in VVAR Code of Conduct (found at: [Yes I agree]
  11. Anything else we should know?: [No]
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Hi Smuggs, I've assigned you to the Military Division. If you're interested in joining a permanent unit (not required), please let a Military Officer know and we can find a good spot for you.

Looks like all your accounts are setup and registered on our Domain sites + RSI. Welcome to VVAR!
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