Frequently Asked Questions

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Question How To Embed YouTube Videos
Answer In the Full Editor, click the "Use the Comcode tag assistant":

Scroll to the bottom to "Custom tags" and click "youtube":

Next window, add the FULL LINK to the YouTube video in the "Tag Contents" field:

Click "Use" and you will see something like:

End result is an embedded YouTube video!

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Question How to Change The Website Theme
Answer From the home page, click on "My Profile" on the right of the screen:

On your profile screen click "Edit":

When the edit screen comes up, go down to "Settings" and the option "Theme", click the drop down menu, select the theme you want:

Scroll to the bottom, hit save.  To load the theme make sure to go back to the homepage and reload the site to clear out your cache.

That is it.

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Question How to add a Game Ribbon to Your Profile
Answer We have multiple game ribbons that can be added to a person's account.  Most are open for anyone to add themselves, with a few that need to be requested.

First, go to Rank Structure Overview - VVarMachine and scroll down to "Ribbons":

Simply click on the link next to the ribbon you want. If it is listed as "Open" you will automatically be added to that group and the ribbon will appear.

If it says "Request Only" you will be directed to open a support ticket.  Simply state which ribbon you want and an admin will add it within 24 hours.

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