Star Citizen Fleet Overview


This document is meant to explain the structure of and guidelines pertaining to the VVARMachine StarCitizen Division (known as a "Fleet" from here on). This will be subject to change as more details are released about the game, and as we become aware of additional roles/duties that can be performed within the game.

The universe of StarCitizen will appeal to players looking to fulfill a variety of in-game roles. Some players will prefer to take-part in combat operations, while others may prefer exploration and trade. The VVARMachine Fleet will do its best to accommodate all of these desires by implementing the structure outlined below. With that said, the goal of our organization is to provide a fun and entertaining experience for all of our members, so it is important for our Fleet to keep a strong, up-standing reputation in the universe of StarCitizen, which will ultimately prevent any unwanted losses of our organization's members or assets.

Fleet Structure

In broad terms, our fleet will be arranged into two branches (Divisions). One division will focus on combat-related duties, and the other will focus on economy-related duties. Each division contains a military-unit hierarchy, consisting of Squadrons, belonging to Wings, belonging to Groups. Besides those in command of established units, members will not be assigned to a specific division. Members can participate in operations for either division, and will be chosen to do-so for specific units based on their evaluated qualifications during their service. While there is no requirement as such, members are encouraged to select a Unit Assignment so they can work to improve their abilities through specialization. Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) will be permanently assigned to a unit within their division. Officers and NCOs can participate in operations from the division to which they are not assigned, but they will not be allowed to lead in those cases.

Organized Operations

Within each division, players may choose to take-part in organized operations. These operations will be planned ahead-of-time, and will likely require coordinated efforts from multiple players to achieve mission success. This is a fairly-loose definition, and may be revised as more details about the game are released. Organized operations do not pertain to "normal" gameplay activities performed by a single member or small groups of members in secured space.

When an Organized Operation is being planned, Officers will evaluate the required assets (both physical and human) needed, and organize the participating players into Organizational Units (OrgUnit), each with their own focus during the mission. At the lowest-level, these OrgUnits are built as Flights within the Squadron to which they belong. These Flights are not persistent units as their parent-units are. As an example, a Flight-Leader of a Fighter Squadron may find him/herself leading 1st Flight one day, and 2nd Flight the next. For air units, a Flight consists of at least 2 ships, and the number of ships per Flight will vary based on the type of equipment operated by each Squadron during a particular operation. For ground units, a Team consists of no-more than 6 members.

The outlined information above applies to both Military and Economic spacecraft units, and also the organization of ground-combat forces. For those Marine forces, a Squadron would refer to a Platoon, where Flight would refer to a Team.

The requirements for organized operations to be approved by Fleet Officers is put-in-place to ensure that our fleet has adequate resources to protect our assets at all times. Example: If we own a space station or Bengal Carrier (or other non-landable Capital Ships), our fleet must keep assets in-place to protect against their theft and/or destruction while they are deployed. Allowing a large percentage of our forces to perform operations in star-systems away from our most-valued assets will increase the risk of their loss. Officers must evaluate the strength and capabilities of the fleet, and make decisions on whether or not to approve operations accordingly.

A proposal for an operation must be submitted at least 5 days prior to its planned launch time. Once preliminary approval is given, the operational details will be posted on the VVARMachine website, and players can choose to sign-up to take part in the mission. Members are NOT required to take part in a certain number of operations, but if a member registers for an operation, they are expected to fulfill their duties and be online at the time in which the operation will take place. Members can remove themselves from an operation's roster at any time up-until 24 hours prior to the operation's launch. Final approval or disapproval for the operation will be given (at the latest) 1 hour before launch, after the Officer(s) have evaluated the risk of the operation itself and extraneous risks to our fleet during the mission window.

Alliances with other Organizations

VVARMachine will be in an alliance with many other organizations founded by our fellow PlanetSide 2 outfits. Such outfits include: 666th Devil Dogs, TRG, CASH, and others. The alliance will be known as the Auraxis Military Pact (AMP). The structure of this alliance will allow us to retain a high level of autonomy in decision-making pertaining to our own goals, but will grant us the security of allied fleets coming to our assist during times of conflict. Each member fleet will have 1 vote on a council of representatives (with two members in attendance). The current representatives on this council are Ech0WhiskeY and Razzun. The goal of this alliance is to control an area of space for us to conduct business in-peace, and to ensure the long-term growth of all member fleets through a defensive military agreement. This can be compared quite closely to something like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in real life.

Player Roles and Responsibilities

The organization system withing StarCitizen allows for six distinct ranks, with an unlimited number of titles. The information on ranks and titles can be found in the sections below.

Fleet Command Staff

The StarCitizen fleet is currently under the joint direction of the VVAR Machine Generals, who will be responsible for administering the day-to-day operations, long term security strategy, and growth of the fleet.

Below the Fleet Command Staff, there will be additional command personnel for each division, listed below:

Senior Officers - Division Command Staff


Division Commanding Officer (CO)
  • Promote and demote members based on recommendations from their XO. The CO has the ability to override recommendations, but this should be a rare occurrence. We expect the XO and CO to in-sync on all matters under their command.
  • Enact disciplinary action against members for violations of the Code-of-Conduct
  • Organize events and operations for the fleet
  • Approve and reject requests for unlawful operations as recommended by the XO
  • Develop, update, and enforce the game-specific Code-of-Conduct
  • Escalate any matters requiring attention by VVAR Command immediately, and work with VVAR Command on a permanent resolution
Division Executive Officer (XO)
  • Make recommendations to their CO for promotions based on subordinate input.
  • Create and maintain clear and concise up-to-date records of each member's rank and how long they have held that rank
  • Organize events for their division
  • Approve and reject requests for all operations for their divisions
  • Develop, update, and enforce the game-specific Code-of-Conduct

Junior Officers - Squadron Leaders

"Junior Officers" will be selected by their division's Senior Officers, and are responsible for leading large-scale organized operations on behalf of their division. Most Junior Officers will be assigned as the leader of a permanent Squadron within their division, and can advance up the Chain-of-Command if qualified to do so.

In addition, Junior Officers have the authority to approve Flight-/Team-Sized operations for their unit, and recommend proposals for larger operations to the CO/XO of their division for approval.


  • Organize and Lead Squadron-Sized operations within their Division.
  • Promote and recruit new members to their unit.
  • Recommend proposals for new operations to their Division Command Staff
  • Identify members eligible for promotion who are performing their jobs effectively and report their findings to their commanders
  • Report any violations of the Code-of-Conduct to their superiors

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) - Flight Group Leaders

"Non-Commissioned Officers" (NCOs) will be selected by their division's Officer Staff, and are responsible for leading Flight-/Team-Sized operations for their division. NCOs are permanently assigned to a Squadron/Platoon sized unit, and may be called-upon to lead elements of their parent unit during operations.


  • Lead Flight-/Team-sized operations for their parent unit.
  • Recommend proposals for new operations to officers in the division for which the operation will serve
  • Identify members eligible for promotion who are performing their jobs effectively and report their findings to their commanders
  • Report any violations of the Code-of-Conduct to their superiors


"Members" are fully-fledged VVAR Personnel, and hold no responsibility for leading organized operations. Like all other enlisted personnel, they are not forced (but are highly encouraged) to apply to join a unit, and selected a preferred specialty.


  • Recommend proposals for new operations to NCOs and Officers in the division for which the operation will serve
  • Identify members eligible for promotion who are performing their jobs effectively and report their findings to their commanders
  • Report any violations of the Code-of-Conduct to their superiors

General Rules and Regulations

A player's rank will have no bearing on what types of ships they can operate, and the types of ships owned by a player will have no bearing on a player's rank in the Fleet. All new players will start at the rank of "Member", with no assignment to a particular Division or Unit. Members who are interested in advancing into a leadership position (Non-Com or Officer) can apply for positions and their application will be evaluated on the basis of their attitude towards and capacity for consistent and quality leadership.

How to Join VVAR

If you like what you just read, and are interested in becoming a member of the VVARMachine Gaming Community and StarCitizen Fleet, follow the steps below to register on our website and apply!
  1. CLICK HERE to register on our website
  2. Once you have registered and verified your email address, CLICK HERE to post a recruitment thread for the StarCitizen Fleet
  3. Join us on Discord @ (no password required). Contact an Senior-Officer for appropriate permissions.
  4. An officer will review your application and post a reply, usually within 24 hours. Joining Discord and speaking with an Officer will expedite this process.
If you have questions regarding the above, or would like to chat with us and find out more, please use the Discord link above to contact us.

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