Rank Structure Overview

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Rank Structure Overview

Below are the descriptions for each community rank as well as their roles and responsibilities.

Generals (Gen.)

Currently there are a maximum of three (3) Generals.  These are the leaders of the community. They are responsible for community outreach and recruitment, delegation of committees for various purposes such as discipline, voting, game expansions, etc. The official voice of the community. Must have an odd-number.

Senior Officers (S.O.)

Senior Officers include (but are not limited to):
  • Division Command Officer - A game-specific Commanding Officer. Leader of a game division within an IG. Works with his/her XO and LO to keep their group running smoothly. These are the leaders of each specialized division. They are responsible for ensuring the continued growth and development of their respective divisions and its members.
  • Division Executive Officer: Manages personnel ranks of their division. Assists the CO with their duties.
  • Division Liaison Officer: Attends all meetings performing the role of scribe, acts as the contact person for internal and external communications with that division.
  • Other senior division officers as needed by that specific division.

Officers (Officer)

These are officers that have been assigned/appointed/voted in by their division members.  These are senior members of a specific division.

Veteran Member (V.M.)

These are senior member of the community.  Veteran status is automatically granted if you have been part of the community for six (6) months and the member has kept a good standing within the community.  All former Generals, Senior Officers and Officers automatically get granted Veteran Member status if they step down from their position with good standing.

Member (Mem.)

Members have served with the community for two (2) weeks are have a good standing.

Recruit (Rec.)

These are members which have just joined the community and are on a two (2) week probation period before becoming full members of VVarMachine.

Ranks, Ribbons and Badges


Rank Image Description Promotion Target
General General [Gen.] Voted in
Senior Officer Senior Officer [S.O] Voted in
Officer Officer [Officer] Assigned by Senior Officers
Veteran Member Veteran Member [V.M.] Six (6) months in VVarMachine
Member Member [Mem.] Two (2) weeks in VVarMachine
Recruit Recruit [Rec.] Assigned by Officers for new recruits


Ribbon Image Description Status
Battlefield Open
EVE Online Open
Firefall Open
League of Legends Division Request Only
MineCraft Open
Path of Exile Open
PlanetSide 2 Division Request Only
Star Citizen Fleet Request Only
StarCraft Open
Star Wars - The Old Republic Open
The Elder Scrolls Online Open
World of WarCraft Open

TeamSpeak Badges

Badge Description
Primary Member of the Command Division - Generals Only
Primary Member of the League of Legends (LoL) Division
Primary Member of the PlanetSide 2 Division
Primary Member of the Star Citizen Division
Generic Community member, no division assigned
Ex-Community member, but still a welcome friend
A friend of VVarMachine that is always welcome

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